Multiwavelength Observations of Dual AGN (MODA) is an ongoing survey of systems with confirmed dual active supermassive black holes. The sample consists of 17 systems with confirmed dual AGN, all below a redshift of 1. The aim of MODA is to study the growth and co-evolution of galaxies and their black holes during merger events, particularly at the later merger stages when feedback and nuclear activity likely peak.

MODA consists of observations with space-based facilities such as the Hubble Space Telescope, Chandra, and NuSTAR. We are also assembling a large dataset using ground-based facilities including ALMA, Keck, and the VLT. We are using these observations to diagnose the impact of the dual AGN on their host system, the properties of ongoing star formation, and the large-scale dynamics of the merger events.

Please see our MODA publications and the list of team members for additional information.